Here is how I redesigned a visualization in just 5 steps.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash
  1. Explore and Assess the Data
  2. Analyze Things to Improve in the Current Visualization
  3. Choosing the Best Visualization Chart(s)
  4. Choosing the Data Story Type (i.e. Animated Data Story, Presentation, Dashboard)
  5. Redesigning the Visualization

1. Explore and Assess the Data

I scrolled through the MakeoverMonday website and chose this data visualization to redesign.

The visualization depicts wind power’s key data collected for each state in 2018. The goal of the visualization is to highlight wind power use in United States in 2018. The following features/variables were found in the dataset, their type is noted beside them.

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Shaheer Khan

A data enthusiast, looking to extract meaningful information out of this data laden world of ours. Data Analyst | Data Storyteller | Dashboard Designer

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